About GPS navigation tracking tool

traQmy is a tracking platform

traQmy is a mobility and tracking platform that combines mobile devices with modern web applications in a new way. This GPS navigation tracking tool is developed as a joint venture of Gentleware AG and Presentec GmbH.

Most tracking tools for mobile devices primarily work on a mobile device like a phone or a GPS device. Many of these have some way of exporting tracks and then importing the track to some tool or web service that can display the track.

There are also web services that collect and display such tracks and that allow im- and export to mobile devices. But we felt a tight integration between the mobile world and the web was missing.

The goal of traQmy is to provide such an integrated platform, integrating mobile GPS-enabled phones or devices directly with a web application. The integration goes both ways: You can easily upload tracks from your GPS phone or download tracks onto your mobile device.

Integrating GPS devices and Web 2.0

In the development of traQmy, we took great care to create a simple yet powerful user interface. To achieve this we employed very modern mechanisms of the Web 2.0 set of technologies. We wanted traQmy.com to feel and behave like an application, not like a set of web pages. The different parts of the UI are tightly integrated and work seamlessly together, just like in a desktop application, but in your browser. To achieve this is part of the Web 2.0 magic.


Our first application for mobile devices is traQmy.self for the iPhone. Other products and support for other phones and devices will follow soon.

traQmy.self allows you to record a track directly from your iPhone and to upload it to the web. Also with the iPhone application we took great care to make the user interface as intuitive as possible. Go to the App Store in iTunes or on your iPhone and search for traQmy or follow link traQmy.self, to get it.

Track your path with GPS navigation tracking tool

When you start traQmy.self, you can immediately start recording your path. Take a look at the following screenshot

All you need to do to start tracking is to press the green "Start" button.

When you are done, you can press the red "Stop" button.

Upload your track

After you have stopped recording your track you will see a screen similar to this.

Now press the blue "upload" button. The track is then uploaded directly to the internet and published on the web site traQmy.com. With just 3 simple clicks. The application will confirm when your upload completed successfully.

Find your track on traQmy.com

Finding your track in the web is easy. You can either use the map to move and zoom to where your track should be. Or you can use the search form to formulate a query to find your specific track. To experience what options you have to formulate a query, look at the example below the search field, or switch to the advanced search. Filling in the form of the advanced search will give you the query you could have entered directly. Or you can log in and get access to your tracks direcly: read on.

Create your own account on traQmy.com

Once you register and log in to traQmy.com you can keep track of your own tracks. TraQmy already knows that your uploaded tracks belong to your iPhone, but to connect them to your account, you need to provide an identification code that you can find in the iTunes application which identifies your iPhone. How to get that identifier? When you connect your iPhone to your computer, you will be displayed an overview page for your device in iTunes. On that page, look for the serial number. Click on the term "serial number" once, and it will change to "identifier", followed by a 40 character string of small letters and numbers. That is the string you need. Copy it (just hit Ctrl-C) and paste it into the form for adding an iPhone.

Leave your traces of life with GPS navigation tracking tool traQmy!